impressionable (adj.) 

Easily impressed or influenced; susceptible.

I was looking through a compilation of recent photographs of me and my friends from med-school with crazy head gear from a shop called Comic Alley, when one of my best friends commented saying ” nanghahawa ka nanaman ng sakit mo”.

It was only then that i realized that what she said was totally true. I AM CONTAGIOUS. No matter who I’m with, if they happen to be with me for even the briefest amount of time, it seems like my personality sets theirs on fire and they can’t help but be “infected”. People end up using the same expressions I do, they end up speaking the same way I do, they end up laughing at the same things I laugh about, listening to the same things I like to listen to.  They behave in ways they have never behaved before once I have touched their lives.

It’s always been that way for as far back as I can remember.

I always thought it was normal when you’re part of a group. I mean, I have never found myself conforming to another person’s way of talking, much more another person’s way of thinking, but for some reason a lot of people conform to my ideals. They behave bolder than they have ever been and step out of the boundaries they have created for themselves. I like to think of myself as more of a positive influence which is often not the case.

I was thinking about how my friends now, are not so different from my friends back home. Things started innocently enough until they met me and now the’re doing the same crazy things I’m doing.

Some people are that susceptible to change. I am not.

Sometimes though, I wish I was.


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