OKAY. OKAY. so you know who you are right? well, you really should. firstly, please stop texting my boyfriend. he is not interested in you anymore. i mean why stoop that low? im sure there are plenty of guys out there who would be willing to date you because of the opportunity of free sex. right? i mean come on, lets be honest here, you’re not the brightest or the prettiest in the bunch, but you are the most willing. so yeah. secondly, at least have some sense of self worth. i mean. who would want some girl who grovels to have her old flame back just because she can’t find anyone else. i know you really like elmer. i really do. and i know you want him back. i understand. i mean who wouldn’t. he’s a great guy. but the problem with this is he doesn’t want you. at all. ever. so do yourself and us, as well, a favor and find some guy. a good guy so you won’t get your heart broken this time and you can leave us alone.

please and thank you,


P.S. seriously?! offering sex?! how low can you go?


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