From some jealous bitch to my BFF:

           Hello people of cvg 11th floor training room 2 of class wp 3.1..
           as promised i am writing my shit here on our sosyal group page...
           hope the admin ms.nina the party girl don't mind


Well to start off..i would just like to remind some people that although YOU were born with a silver spoon or probably its GOLD in your case..okay..please..please lang be mindful of other people.¬†Prioritizing yourself is healthy but when it comes to the point that you are overstepping some boundaries then don’t you think its high time you look in the mirror and evaluate yourself? If you know who you are then cool its good…if your pretending that you don’t know who we’re talking about here, well seems like you got a dragon skin(shit thats thick and hard!)…READ THIS! coz the shit is off…

I do admit that sometimes i can be very mean and sarcastic in my own subtle way (maybe) and I’m not sorry for it. You should really know that you are one insensitive prick! your getting on my nerves…I’m saying “MY” because personally i do think your really annoying (I’m not alone on that thought though)…hunny the world doesn’t revolve around may think that others are fine with it but they are not…you butting in, eavesdropping or even prying on other peoples business is down right a breach of etiquette. Not to mention…jesus do you really need to compare your “NON” eye bagged eye to others?(if thats correct..well..whatever) and worse in front of other people? haven’t you been taught to be tact…if you notice other peoples facial, skin, or even intellectual difference compared to yours then “Shut the Fuck up”..people got feelings and easily get offended unless you know how to say it in a more subtle and nicer way then all means go ahead.

It is a general agreement that we are blessed with a good set of wavemates…they’re fun, perverted (you know its true), green (sa jokes and shirt), and they are friends that’s rare to find, they are also decent people who is nice and knows how to keep their mouth shut when the need arises. We should all be thankful that we have that. Infact..i am thankful that im a part of 3.1 as mentioned earlier..if I did not love our class I woulda been long gone with the wind. So shouldn’t you feel the same too? Don’t feel as if I am writing this to be nasty and mean (just a tad bit..maybe>,<) im writing this because hunny you got one thick earplugs on your ears and for some reason you are so blind, you pretend its alright when you know inside…its not.

Some people have been nice in telling you whats fact they tolerate you because they are trying to help you be a part of the whole picture but Daaaaamn! you just had to…i mean HAD to!make them realize how useless their efforts showing them yourself your oh so not good attitude. And boy! you got one nasty questions there princess(just so you don’t get..its not flattery) .

We came from the same CCT class so am sure we all know that Evie once scolded us and her line was “who adjusts to who” AND down right she’s on the point. I mean does the weather have to change just to please one person who hates rain? Does the whole world have to change its ways and rules just to accommodate one person? the answer is obvious..NO right? unless your a motherfucking being who got powers to force it to happen…(which i doubt) Im saying and telling this as a personal experience..believe me when i say I’ve been there…my college classmates aren’t really a good find and honestly i rather be be specific 4 years. Question is…can you do that? not just with us..I mean for the rest of your life..can you live your entire life being ostracized by the majority just because YOU don’t want to adjust and learn. Take this as an advice..your young and capable so full of potential but..if you don’t fix that attitude of yours do you really think your gonna be happy? i doubt it. Everyone wants a friend..hell! am happy i got some even if its just a few (and crazy bunch they are) if you want one too..which am sure you do..the best thing to do is be yourself..don’t pretend to be someone else just so you could fit in. Don’t necessarily butt into..eavesdrop to or even prying other peoples business just so you can make conversation. If you got nothing to say..shut up..rather than create a lame ass sob story just to get people’s attention.

When you notice the you know what you did wrong. Listen to other people when they tell you your wrong because it helps build character. If you know your wrong apologize and be sincere…they will understand. And sensitive of others please. Some maybe born with godly patience but when you keep on piling some shit on them their gonna blow you over.

Like we discussed earlier in our FGD by the end of the day this whole fucking thing won’t affect our pay..

Question is..are you ready to be a ghost? being there..and not being seen..having a voice and not being heard? If your not..take heed..

If you don't care..well..hunny i can care less as to what color or hardness you shitted today..I can live without yo



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