Tis the Season to Read Anatomy



besides having a ton of workload including buffering for my upcoming exam on 3 subjects concerning RENALS, I also have 3 essays due about professionalism and interpersonal relationships, as well as a story line and script on Professionalism for the APMC presentation which was due about a day ago. So yes. My plate is pretty full at the moment, but that doesn’t quite bother me just yet. Maybe, I can start stressing after the holidays.

Oyeah, and about that, wull. I don’t have much to look forward to because I got all my gifts already and I practically received and unwrapped all of them before the 25th. I mean, hell, i’ve unwrapped them all even before the 23rd.

I am very stoked with all the lavish presents I have received even if I didn’t ask for anything. So yes. I am more than happy with everything. I hope everyone is happy with what I have given or am about to give. đŸ™‚


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