I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time and I was hoping to be able to put this up before the clock strikes 12 and Maximus’ battery runs out because the power’s out and I hate editing things on my iPhone and iTouch but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the deadline because I overestimated Maximus’ battery capacity, so I’m posting this on January 2, 2012 instead.

This list will comprise the things I want to say to the people who have, in one way or another, made some sort of impact on my year, whether it be positive or negative. There will be no names mentioned but it’ll be pretty easy to figure out nonetheless.

So, here goes.

  1. Thank you for everything. I promise, I will make you both proud. I love you guys.
  2. Hi. It’s been difficult. I don’t understand why I lose my center of gravity whenever I’m around you. Flat surfaces feel oblique and angular. I trip, not only with my two left feet, but also with the words that spill out of my mouth. I stutter and stammer and while my thoughts are flustered, dazed, disoriented with all the things I want to say to you. All the things I want you to know. But the most important thing right now, is that YOU SAVED ME FROM MYSELF. ❤
  3. Sesquipedalian, you are. I want our children to grow up together.
  4. I am so glad you’re not Americans. :))
  5. It’s been so long. I miss the bear hugs only you can give me. Plus all the freedom of speech we used to practice.  You get me, you really do. I miss you horribly and sometimes I look at the phone and think of all the time we spent talking to each other. I remember coming over to your place to freeload on the goodies your mom sends you, and how the people in your compound kept thinking of all the “action” you were getting because of how often I visited, how long I stayed and how messed up I looked whenever I left your place, mostly because we played a lot of video games and I napped too much after lunch. You are my rock. (No, this is not a fat joke) You have always been there for you and I am a lousy best friend. I have dspYou are wise beyond your years, and even if you are such an asshole and a dick, you will always have a special place in my life. I just really wish you could have made it for my birthday.
  6. We were a series of happenstances. Nothing more, nothing less. I hope you understand that. I have no regrets, I hope the same goes for you, and I hope that finally, finally you are happy. See you in the afterlife.
  7. All your life, you have been sheltered. You know next to nothing about life, and about the horrible truth of what’s really out there. I was hoping you wouldn’t have to go through something like that but I’m proud of you and how you are able to stand up after you fall. There might be a waterfall of tears along the way, but I’m glad you’re brave enough to get up and do what you need to do because you’re reliable like that. Half the things I advice you to do, I can’t apply in my own life because I don’t believe the bullshit that I come up with. But you’re younger than me and you’re actually making it out there, even if you know it’ll be difficult. The world is littered with morons and idiots, trust me, I know. I have dealt with more than a handful, but I did learn that you can never win an argument against a stupid person. It just isn’t possible.  So don’t let the words they throw at you affect how you plan on living your life. You are an amazing person.
  8. I will never forget you.
  9. Remember the night you took me out because you knew I felt really shitty so we ditched class and played Dota instead, then we attended that party and got bored so you took me to play Dota instead, and that other time we spent the whole Intrams week playing Dota. You were always there for me. Sometimes, I think of how we were in college. Sometimes when I look back, I think of how you were always there for me when I was hurting and how not once did I ever stop to think whether you were in pain behind that crookedly charming smile of yours.
  10. These are tough times for dreamers kid.
  11. You are a constant embarrassment to the family. Why don’t you just kill yourself? You have more use dead than alive.
  12. Yabang ninyo. Kala nyo kung sino kayo. Now look where you guys are. LOL. ironic isn’t it. karma sure is a bitch.
  13. How desperate are you? I mean there’s more to life than just boys. Seriously. I mean, I know how much of a whore you are but really?! To stoop that low? And there I was thinking you could go no lower.
  14. Stop being such an insecure little whore and grow the fuck up. I mean seriously. I do not want your boyfriend because he is hella stupid. He is one dumb fuck and for me to want him is just sheer lunacy. Get it through that thick skull of yours, I do NOT want to be friends. I think you are a major moron because you do not know how to follow simple instructions. Stop flattering yourself, thinking I give a fuck about you and your loser boyfriend because I don’t . You are a liar, you pretend to be something you’re not, you lie about who you really are, what you really have. You are a fake bitch. You are delusional. You think too highly of yourself when you can’t even fucking spell and gram right. You pester me because you’re insecure or jealous or both. You think you’re better than me? Well honey, news flash. You’re not. You’re just another stupid little slut who thinks she’s better than everyone else, when in truth you’re Grade A Trash. Honey, I don’t give a fuck if you want to be friends and if you have deluded yourself into thinking we’re okay because we’re not. You are a lying bitch. Clean up your act before you even begin to threaten me. You have no idea how many people think you are a complete idiot but are just too plastic to tell it to your face. ‘TANG INA, ANG BOBO MO! So please, don’t pretend to act classy or innocent. I am not stupid. I see right through you. Every single fucking time you send me a message I know it’s you. I know how you text, I know how you’re boyfriend texts. So the only one you’re really fooling is yourself. Just leave me alone. Don’t text. 10 years from now, we won’t be okay because I fucking hate you and I hope people eventually find out how big a lying skanky whore you really are. You are Pretentious, You are a social climber. You have no class. You don’t even have the decency to think about what you’re doing to me. So please, stop being so fucking insecure and get over me. Because I sure as hell am over you, I just hate hearing from bitches like you. 10 years from now, you pray to God you don’t land on my operating table. If you can make threats, so can I. And honey, mine aren’t as idle and as stupid as yours. Please, grow some brains and while you’re at it, you might want to learn Elementary English as well. Fuck off twat.
  15. You are a waste of the oxygen you breathe.

6 responses to “THE 15 PEOPLE WHO MADE THE 2011 LIST

  1. funny nak, i dont know how i got here but im really sure its you without even seeing the picture with a heart on your hand haha. too bad i cant i dentify all 15 but i gues im in about 5. haha

    • hahaha! hi daddy. how did you end up here? :)) i can’t believe you have wordpress. 🙂 and why is your email add claudine_214? hahaha! akala ko tuloy si audz. 🙂 aynah! i can give you a list of all 15 if you want. anything for you daddy. 🙂 love you po

  2. hahaha whats wordpress? lol maybe i signed up before but forgot about it. long time email ko toh it dont mean anything aha. you guess how i got here hahaha ingat k lagi nak hahaha

    • tell me daddy. HOW DID YOU GET HERE?! 😦 uunga. email nga. hahaha. i really thought you needed a wordpress to comment. turns out you can use anything. weh? doesn’t mean anything. ikaw talaga daddy. daming palusot. miss you. ingat po kayo ni nanay. 🙂

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