I’ve always wanted to be a surgeon. Ever since I could remember. But my mom insists that prior to that, I initially wanted to be a librarian because I was such an avid reader at such a young age. I would choose books over toys every time someone asked me what I wanted as a gift. Every time my mom and I went to the mall, the only place I would want to go to besides the Slurpee stand that sold drinks with dry ice so it looked like it was smoking but left a horrible after taste, I would ask her to take me to National Bookstore. I remember feeling euphoria every time I went in, and I would find myself running to the young adult section – and this was when I was around 7 or 8 years old. I was exposed to nearly all of the classics before i reached the 5th grade.

I gave-up camping, sleep overs, parties and whatever sweet little things comprise a typical childhood and swapped them for even more books and getting to read late at night in my grandmother’s library. I stopped watching the television because my mother said it turns your brain to mush, so instead, I read whatever I could get my hands on. I was engrossed with the human body. I was given an entire set of encyclopedias for children explaining how the body worked and I don’t remember a day passing that I didn’t read one of the volumes.

Yes, I was an anal-retentive. Severely so.

Even if we aren’t practicing Chinese, we are practicing Asians at home. From a very young age, I had a strict study regimen and I’m glad things turned out that way. I’m glad I didn’t go to sleep overs or parties or whatever foolish nonsense kids came up with those days to talk about sex and drugs and boyfriends. Instead, I invested my time at home with my parents, working hard to be where I am today and I regret nothing.

Admittedly, I went too far and was overly aggressive in school to the point that I was willing to risk friendships for my grade and I was a total grade shark which put off all my classmates, but I don’t think I really cared. And I don’t think I ever really will care.

I know I’m smart, and I work hard and I have attitude problems because I not only do not give a shit about what other people have to say about me, but I care even less about how I make others feel.

I am in a constant competition with myself because I want to become better. I feel no shame or regret in telling people they aren’t as good as I am and probably never will be. I use the words stupid, idiot, and moron freely not because I am mean, but because I am telling the truth.

I might come off as cocky or arrogant, but that’s only because I really am.



    • hahaha. really?! :)) nice. crazy with a short attention span. hahaha! this is actually quite accurate. especially when you look at the trend of med students and what they end up specializing in. hahaha

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