Wonder Pets

Name: 90
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 16, 2009
Current Weight: 32 kilos
Breed: Labrador Retreiver
Color: Black

*Special Skills: eating, sleeping, licking anything her tongue can reach, can destroy anything in a blink of an eye, can eat with a spoon and fork, can fetch, excellent swimmer, can open the ref, can beg.

*Understands varieties of commands such as: sit, stay, fetch, catch, KISS, wait, NO, stop, sleep, embrace, up, bye2x, go out, drink water, share your toys, come.

*Understands English very well.

*Potty trained and asks to be taken out when needed.

*Moral Conscience in check and understands consequences of actions when punished. (never does them again after)

*Sleeps at exactly 8:30PM and wakes at 6:00AM but politely waits for someone to get up before asking to be taken out.

*Favorite Channel: She likes watching people ice-skate and ballroom dancing competitions on ESPN

*Enjoys: strangers, going out to anywhere, destroying magazines/plastic bottles/paper/tissue/rubbe r duckies/stones, the beach, new toys every week,  rawhide, sitting on the porch early in the morning to watch the birds.

*Bestfriend and Brother: Vodka – German Shepherd


Gender: Male
Birthday: December 9, 2010
Current Weight: 35 kilos
Breed: German Shepherd
Color: Black and Tan

*Special Skills: was trained in Basic Obedience has a high Defensive drive and is undergoing Protection training. Besides the basic obedience he also knows how to beg, how to swim and can stack.

*Experience in Show: He entered a dog show once and was about to win but his testicles had not yet descended at that time. (told to us by the judge) He has nice form and is taller than the average GSD. He also has a very long attention span. (for a dog)

*Was operated on at 2months for Intussusception or Telescoping of the Intestine.

*Was toilet-trained in 2 days at 2 months.

*Games: He likes to run and fetch and anything rough which includes biting.

*Cravings: He likes ice-cream and sweet things like nutella and chocolate truffles.

*Favorite Channel: Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. anything with cartoons and music basically.

*Does not like turtles.

*Enjoys: squeaky toys, running, 90, rope/string, barking at other dogs,  the beach.

*Overly protective of 90 because he feels 90 is his gf.

*Bestfriend: 90-Labrador Retreiver and Myra Pandora-Pitbull


this is a photo of them together when vodka was around 6 months and 90 was a year old. I miss my babies.


7 responses to “Wonder Pets

    • thanks. 🙂 i love dogs too. totally. we’re planning on importing an english mastiff over the summer. 🙂 we only like big dogs and the bigger the better. do you have dogs? :)) vodka IS scary. HE BITES. haha. and he’s very protective, but he’s such a crybaby din. especially when no one sits beside him and he feels lonely. baby pa kasi. si 90 naman, super spoiled sa mom ko. grabe. parang second daughter. hahaha.

    • thanks. they really are big. 90 is regular in size and vodka is XL which is quite big for his breed. he’s really tall. 🙂 aww. you can’t have petS? haha. pero they really are big responsibilities. it’s like having 2 kids din. 🙂

    • yup. she really is very sweet. you should definitely meet her. maybe if there’s a meet-up sometime over the summer and I can bring her. she is simply adorable. 🙂 thank you so much.

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