I’m beginning to wonder whether I still buy into the concept of Destiny. I used to be a firm and avid believer of the whole idea of a predetermined future that is fore-ordained by some higher being. I used t0 believe that things happened for a reason, and whatever that reason was, it was out of my control and that at the end of the day, everything would fall into place. Everything would work out for the best.

It is very easy to fall for an idea that has zero accountability and whatever can be blamed for will be blamed on an idea that does not exist. An idea that is not of the physical realm, created by people who refuse to take responsibility for the repercussions of their actions.

Destiny, fate or whatever you may call it, is a designed abstraction of total non-sequitur.

We see signs and patterns and similarities in places we least expect to find them and attribute them to some cosmic being that encompasses the whole planes of positive energy leading us into the bigger picture of our existence. I used to totally buy this bullshit, but now I realize the only reason these ‘signs” and “patterns” appear is because we want them to. We see things that are there and have always been there but only notice them when it is convenient for us.

There is such a finality and fatality that comes with tying oneself down with destiny and fate. A certain inevitability surging with sureness, resounding and resonant but empty.

Cynicism is starting to grow on me.


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