Good Things Come in Fives

I was tagged by my fellow blogger from our Zamboanga Bloggers face book group and I thought it would be pretty interesting. But maybe it’s because I’m just finding more ways to distract myself instead of delving into the world of Neurophysiology.

1.) 5 things about yourself

– I am extremely anal retentive.

– I suffer from a highlighting addiction.

– I get bored easily.

– I keep losing my library card.

– I name all my gadgets and things.

2.) 5 things you like about yourself

– I am not and have never been socially awkward, and I find it very easy to talk to people and even strangers. or better yet, strange people.

– My writing abilities and verbal prowess.

– The fact that I can choose not to care so easily.

– The fact that I correct people when they misspell, mispronounce or have wrong grammar.

– I am Asian.

3.) 5 things you don’t like about yourself

– I am an apple/mac fan.

– My naivete and ignorance of the internet.

– I can’t relax.

– I don’t know what to put here because I LIKE MYSELF.

4.) 5 compliments that you often get from people

– “Wow. You’re smart.” or “Wow. You’re very smart.” or “Imba Patsie” 🙂

– “Goddamnit, why are you so fucking weird!”

– “Get away from him, he’s supposed to be mine you skanky whore!”

– “YOU WROTE THIS!? Seriously?!” or when people plagiarize my work. 🙂

– “We have no points of information” or *silence* (Debate thing. hahaha)

5.) 5 favorite songs that describe your mood

– Hold it In by Jukebox the Ghost

– Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse by Minus the Bear

– Signs by Blocparty

– Heron Blue by Sun Kil Moon

– Exultate by Libera

6.) 5 things you like about the opposite sex

– Slender but well defined and toned arms with cuts. 🙂 Guns baby, it’s all about the guns.

– Swaggerful movements.

– The art of peeing standing up and not spewing all over the place.

– 6 packs.

–  Erections.

7.) 5 things you dislike about the same sex

– Girls who are superficial and can’t respect themselves

– Girls who get mad at other girls when their bf cheats on them but don’t realize they should whoop the guys ass.

– Girls who have low self-esteem and allow guys to treat them like trash.

– Girls who have to put on too much make-up when they need to go out, or who put make-up at all for the simplest things.

– In general, there are a lot of things I don’t like about girls even if I am a feminist, but God, do a lot of girls piss me off. I prefer guys. Things are uncomplicated.

8.) 5 things you love about your special someone






9.) 5 things you want to change about that person

– I want him to have super powers.

– I wish he could learn how to fly/teleport/telepathically influence minds.

– I want him to learn how to make better sammiches than I do.

– I want him to be one of those dastardly evil villains who always gets away with it and where he ends up killing those meddling kids. (Scooby-Doo joke. fail.)

– In all honesty though, nothing at all. I really like who he is now. 🙂 And even if he changed, I’d still like and love him then. 🙂

10.) 5 things you want for your birthday

– a pogostick.

– Batman.

– Hugh Hefner (because he is so cute 🙂 )

– Katherine Moennig in bed with me and hopefully, she ends up choosing me over Carmen. 🙂 (deyuum that girl is hot)

– a joker and harley quinn doll set. 🙂

11.) 5 things you have accomplished






12.) 5 things you want to accomplish

– World Domination and the Slavery of all Human Beings.

– Neurosurgery.

– Have sex with Brandon Boyd.

– I want to be able to learn how to Dance.

– Finish reading my Neurophysiology book today. 😐

13.) 5 things you regret and be honest

– I regret not being nicer to some people.

– I regret not slapping that bitch when I had the chance.

– uh, I regret not eating that last slice of cheesecake in the ref this afternoon.

– I regret not reading my Neurophysiology book NOW.

– I don’t have much regrets. Most of them are superficial because I don’t see my life filled with regrets.

14.) 5 things you have learned about from your past

– Pregnant Pigs should stay away from Police men.

– Do not talk to African-American strangers like you are selling them drugs when you are in fact offering them Analgesic for their headache.

– Bro’s before Ho’s. 🙂

– How to handle people (especially those intellectually challenged)

–  Don’t stress the small stuff.

15.) 5 photos that are memorable to you and why

yup. i used to model back in the day. 🙂 these are a series of shots my mother took in one day around my Grandma’s house in Manila where she made me change into several dresses. this is the first and last time I had short hair. 🙂

THE BEST FAMILY REUNION EVER. (we weren’t complete 😦 but it was still fun)

The very first photo of my Baby Girl when Elmer *insert massive number of hearts here* brought her to school as a surprise for me because I told him a few days before that, that i wanted a Labrador puppy. So he got one. Post Haste. 🙂

First photo of Vodka with his 2 brothers who are here with me in Cebu. 🙂 Elmer got my mom a German Shepherd as a gift. 🙂 But Vodka is closer to me and 90 is closer to my mom. Weird.

First few days in Med school. 🙂

Just because I have the sweetest guy ever.

I got to meet Liam. 🙂


oyeah. you may or may not choose to take me seriously. 🙂

the end


8 responses to “Good Things Come in Fives

  1. “- The fact that I can choose not to care so easily.

    – The fact that I correct people when they misspell, mispronounce or have wrong grammar.

    – I am Asian.”

    I just had to quote you right there. Hahaha! I think the same way 😛 I definitely enjoyed reading your post. You are very creative with words and I got to know a little more about you. I hope you get to have Hugh Hefner for your birthday! ^_^

    • awe. thanks. hahaha. 🙂 im glad you enjoyed. i have a lot of weird tendencies and it reflects a lot. 🙂 I hope so too. Hugh Hefner is so cute. I mean, how can you not find that 85 year old, owner of Playboy and the Playboy mansion, cute? hahaha. :)) he’s such a cutie patootie. HAHAHA. I really enjoyed answering this post. Thank you so much. 🙂

      • of course not. hahaha. 🙂 Katherine Moennig on the other hand. 🙂 ugh. so delicious. haha. I’m not so sure he can “get it on” at 85. At this point, he probably just wants someone to keep him warm in bed with him. 🙂

  2. Nice one Patricia. It truly shows how good you are in Writing! 😀 I wish I have the same writing skill, I am really aware that I do have some problems with my writing skills and grammar. You have a straight forward/frank personality. –> Incredible. I really like people who are frank.

    • Please call me trish. 🙂 I’m unaccustomed to people calling me by my whole name because only my mom calls me that when she’s angry. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words. 🙂 That was very sweet of you. I have always found, that writing skills are honed through continuous exploration, exercise and reading. :)) I really think that you blog rather well. Have you tried doing something out of your comfort zone? 🙂

      • Outside my comfort zone? In terms of what? in my writing or like doing crazy stuffs? hahaha. Maybe because I have been into reading most of the time because of the tons of cases which we read every day. Also, I think I improve a little bit on my comprehension. lol. I hate Supreme Court sometimes for using deep and flowery words. Because of that, I have to broaden my knowledge on english language or else, I might end up quitting Law. haha. But you have this certain skill that is really hard to achieve. The way you articulate your phrase and statements are really elegant and smart.

      • You mean you’re a law student? OMG. Are you Asian? Because we have achieved the ultimate Asian dream. To become a doctor/lawyer. hahaha But thank you very much. You are SOO VERY KIND! 🙂
        When I used to debate in nationals, we encountered a lot of people who used highfalutin words with next to zero substance. 🙂 People resort to that when they have nothing else to say and need to sound smart. I like people who write the way they speak and write whats on their minds. 🙂
        Outside of your comfort zone in terms of writing. 🙂 I used to help a couple of friends by giving them exercises and due dates. Like, I give them random words and they form 1 story with it, or 1 essay utilizing the essence of the word, it’s called a 1 word prompt, or I give them 1 topic / object and ask them to discuss it in a number of different ways. Like look at the ocean in 5 ways. So, it’s their prerogative on how they translate that into writing. These things always help you write “outside the box”. :))

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