I have always wanted to do a list of my favorite movies somewhere in my blog but I have never had the time to do it, so while waiting for the (upcoming?) release of Kaichou wa Maid-sama Chapter 70 online, I have decided to race against the laptops battery and make a post about my top 5 (because 5 is my favorite number) movies. 😀

A persons preference defines who they are. I judge people based on the kind of books they like to read, the kind of movies they listen to, the kind of music they watch (or vice versa), their personal beliefs about particular ideas or whether they can tell the difference between crayola crayon colors simply by tasting them.

I have decided to put the movie poster, as well as a synopsis stolen from somewhere online, my favorite quote from the movie, my favorite character and my personal reaction. 😀 It’s putting a lot on my plate, which is why I only picked 5, but I actually like quite a lot of movies both mainstream and indie.

So here goes:

1. Girl Interrupted (1999)


Susanna is a young woman of eighteen, and her life isn’t exactly what a “normal’ eighteen-year-old’s is suppose to be like. To her, any kind of sex is casual, and it doesn’t matter who she does it with or when, as long as she gets it.

At graduation she falls asleep, proving she has little interest for the norms of prize-givings or anything to do with what’s accepted by society. At her father’s birthday party she is underdressed and is of course moaned at by her hypocritical mother. Here we learn that her parent’s friends are just as false as what is accepted by everyone. And then it becomes clear that Susanna has been sleeping with her mother’s friend’s husband.

This drives her to try to commit suicide with asprin and a bottle of vodka to get it all down. At the E.R. she claims that she doesn’t have bones in her wrists anymore, and tells the psychiatrist at home that the bones grew back by the time she got to the hospital.

So she is shipped off to a local mental institution and put in the ward for women only. Here she meets a multitude of people who really do have problems: an anorexic, a girl who was burned as a child, a lesbian, a bulimic, and her roommate, a compulsive liar, to top it all off.

The ward is run by Nurse Valerie Owens, who is very clever, but is unable to become a doctor due to her race. All the nursing staff and the patients are kept marginally sane by Valerie, and she and Susanna have a complex relationship. Susanna is questionably diagnosed with having a Borderline Personality Disorder.

Things really get started when the sociopathic run away patient, Lisa, returns to the ward and turns Susanna’s world upside down and inside out. She is a force to be reckoned with—she is magnetic, rebelious, doesn’t take her meds and is unhealthy for the other patients as she breaks down their self-esteem regularly. Due to the fact that her last best friend, Jamie, couldn’t hack it when she ran away, Lisa befriends Susanna and together they start a world of trouble.

Favorite CharacterLisa played by Angelina Jolie.

Favorite QuoteSusanna: Crazy isn’t being broken or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you or me amplified.”

Personal Reaction: Nothing I say will sufficiently describe how much I love this move. I have always been drawn by the psychological problems the characters have and the peculiarity of everything that occurred during this time frame. I have always been drawn to the darkness in people and all the characters in this movie have a dark side. I like the discussions the characters have about the mundane and how it becomes reality. I never get tired of watching this movie and I don’t think I ever will. If you have not seen this movie yet, I suggest you give it a try, although it takes maturity to understand the concepts and the dark and deep undertones of the film. Another thing is that the concepts are pretty heavy so you need to pay close attention when your watching it.

2. Donnie Darko (2001)


Troubled adolescent, Donnie Darko, receives a disturbing vision that the world will end in 28 days. With the help of various characters, including a 6 foot rabbit called Frank, he slowly discovers the mysterious physical and metaphysical laws that govern his life and that will lead up to the destruction of the universe.

Favorite CharacterFrank

Favorite Quotes:

Gretchen: Some people are just born with tragedy in their blood

[Donnie to Pommeroy, about the Graham Greene story] Well, they say, right when they flood the house and they tear it to shreds that, like, uh, “destruction is a form of creation,” so the fact that they burn the money is ironic. They just want to see what happens when they tear the world apart. They want to change things.

Donnie (during a class discussion of Watership Down): Why should I mourn for a rabbit like he was human? The rabbit’s not like us. It has no… keen look at something in the mirror, it has no history books, no photographs, no knowledge of sorrow or regret. Don’t get me wrong, I like rabbits and all. They’re cute and they’re horny. And if you’re cute and you’re horny, then you’re probably happy, in that you don’t know who you are and why you’re even alive. And you just wanna have sex, as many times as possible, before you die. I mean, I just don’t see the point in crying over a dead rabbit… who never even feared death to begin with.

Personal ReactionI love Donnie Darko because it’s peculiar. It’s a mixture of weird and strange. It plays with your mind taking you into the dark twists and turns of the mind of Donnie Darko and his friend Frank. I like the wit of Donnie and the fact that he speaks his mind. I like the circular narrative of the film and the way everyone is, in some way, interconnected. In the end, you feel like you get it but you don’t but you do because the symbolism of time travel sounds acutely precise yet imprecise at the same time. I guess, after the movie, you feel like you know more than you did but not really. 😀

3. Prozac Nation (2011)


Elizabeth “Lizzie” Wurtzel is a teenager accepted into Harvard with a scholarship in journalism. She has been raised by her divorced mother Mrs. Wurtzel since she was two years old, but she misses her father and feels needy and depressive. When she joins the university, she lives with a roommate Ruby and has her sexual initiation with Noah. Her article for the local column in Crimson newspaper is awarded by Rolling Stone magazine. Lizzie becomes abusive in sex and drugs, and her existential crisis and depression increases and she hurts her friends and her mother that love her, while dating Rafe. Mrs. Wurtzel sends her to an expensive psychiatric treatment with Dr. Sterling, in spite of having difficulties paying for her medical bills and therapy sessions. After a long period of treatment under medication, and suicide attempt, Lizzie stabilizes and adjusts to the real world.

Favorite Character: Elizabeth Wurtzel played by Christina Ricci

Favorite Quote:

Dr. Sterling: Have you had any drugs in the last 24 hours?
Elizabeth: No. Well… I guess I snorted some coke and smoked some pot but uh, you know, that was just to make the ecstasy last longer.
Dr. Sterling: Sure you’re not forgetting anything?
Elizabeth: Maybe a few beers?
Dr. Sterling: Did you ever think you might have a substance abuse problem?
Elizabeth: The only substance problem I have right now is that I need you to get me some trank so I can come down off this fucking coke.
Dr. Sterling: And then what happens?

Personal ReactionI like the fact that I can relate to it. It gives you a peak at the life of people facing depression. I liked the fact that Christina Ricci was in it and I liked that fact that it was both from a personal and medical perspective. I just really liked this movie. It helped me explain what I was going through to the people that mattered and it helped me understand that there are other people who go through it as well.

4. Silence of the Lambs (1991)


Clarice Starling, a young intelligent FBI trainee, has been sent to the Baltimore state hospital for the criminally insane to interview an inmate Dr. Hannibal-the cannibal- Lecter. A brilliant renowned psychiatrist turned infamous psychopathic serial killer. She must match wits with Lecter -who has the darkest of all minds- and trust him to give her clues in the search for “Buffalo Bill”. A nick name for a loose, unknown, unstoppable psychopathic serial killer.

Favorite Character:  Dr. Hannibal Lecter played by Anthony Hopkins

Favortie Quote:

Hannibal Lecter A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Personal Reaction: Need I say more. If you have not seen this, go watch it already! 😀


5. Sleeping Beauty (2011)

Sleeping Beauty


Beautiful college student Lucy has just begun dabbling in sex work when she accepts an interview with Clara , the proprietor of an elegant prostitution business which caters to a wealthy clientele. Accepting the opportunity with the understanding that the job is to be handled with the utmost discretion, Clara’s job is to consume a sleeping potion that will render her completely unconscious, at which time the clients are permitted to enter her chamber and indulge their prurient desires. Though actual penetration is strictly forbidden, anything else is fair game.
Favorite Characternone
Favorite Quote
Clara: Your vagina will not be penetrated. Your vagina will be a temple.
Lucy: My vagina is not a temple.

Personal ReactionI like the elegance of the movie considering it is about a student drawn into prostitution. I like the art-porn, the occult rituals in the sex industry, the tenacity of the leading character and her feelings towards sex, which are surprisingly not in the movie. I like her complex relationship with this agoraphobic alcoholic, I like the blankness of her expressions, the indulgent necrophile-rape fantasy, and the stomach-turning “sex” scenes that show the aged human body. There is an originality to this movie that I have never encountered before. I liked it.

Well, there you have it. My 5 favorite movies wrapped up in a nutshell. Looking back through the post, I realized they were all psychological movies. I barely even noticed while I was writing it. 😀
I guess I have to do something else because I wanted to incorporate some of my favorite films like Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Across the Universe, Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire, Romeo and Juliet, The Man in the Iron Mask, Blood Diamond, Gifted Hands, House of a Hundred Corpses, Quentin Tarrantino films… *sighs* maybe next time.
For now I will have to make do with my top 5 Psychological Movies. 😀

7 responses to “MY TOP 5 FAVORITE MOVIES

  1. #4. Silence of the Lambs. FOREVER FAVORITE! We have the same favorite character too! Will definitely come up with my own list of favorite “psychological” movies.

    This list right here happens to be one of the many reasons why we clearly get along! 😀 *cyberhugs*

    • have you seen the other movies on my list? Jannie, Donnie Darko! ❤ it's amazing. hahaha. i love it. plus the OST of Mad World by Tears for Fears is the perfect thing for the movie. 😀 have you seen it? if not watch it. please. 😀 *cyber hugs back* 😀 hahaha. I had a feeling you'd like Silence of the Lambs. It's amazing isn't it. I found it weird that my top 5 are psychological movies. hahaha. I need to do a top 5 indie list or love list. idk. hahaha. something lighter than *wild, flailing gesticulations* THIS! 😀

  2. Ack! You seem to like dark, psycho movies! Definitely not for me but I like the premise of sleeping beauty. I will look for that sa youtube. I hope meron! hehehe

    • haha. 😀 it’s very interesting, although a lot of people find it dragging. 😀 I liked the fact that sex was seen in such an offhand way. without emotions. ohyeah, and donnie darko is also really nice to watch. 😀 I mean, it’s something that gets you thinking. it may be confusing at first, but when you mull around with it in your thoughts you get the picture 😀

      • I don’t mind movies that people normally would describe as dragging 🙂 I actually like films where people dont say much. Haha recently i watched the days between. I liked the simplicity of the story but the ending was kinda stupid. 🙂 Sige i will look for it sa youtube. Youtube is my movie streaming source hahaha

      • ahh. i see. hahaha. 😀 i torrented all those movies. 😀 i wanted copies for myself. I hope they have it on youtube so you can see it. 😀

      • Hope soo tooo!!! they have “A Dangerous Method” on youtube the one starring Keira Knightley 😀

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