A couple of months ago, sometime in the beginning of the year, my cousin asked me if I could ask my dad if he could make leather journals because he wanted one that looked tattered and frayed or something to that effect. I asked my dad and he said he would try but he wasn’t sure and that it depended on the kind of leather my cousin had in mind. 

A few days later, I was looking through the pages one of my friends (Jannie) liked on facebook, in the hopes that I would find a nifty online shop..and I did. 

I happened upon Alunsina Handbound Books on facebook and looked around. I absolutely fell in love with everything they had in their albums and the idea that this would be the perfect gift for my cousin. 

Handbound Leather Journals, made in the Philippines. How can I go wrong with that?

I bookmarked the page and completely forgot about it because of school until about a month ago when I was skimming through my bookmarks and remembered that I had to place an order. 

Prices are not posted on their albums because they are subject to change, BUT when you do ask for price lists and send your email address, you are given not only a catalog that gives you a run through of all the things you need to know about how to place an order but also a few quick facts. 

I have had a lot of bad experience dealing with online shops online because of the confusion of responses, the messed up orders, delivery and the bad quality of the products that I received considering they looked so good in the pictures, but dealing with this shop was a totally different experience altogether. 

They responded with clear explanations whenever I had questions about their products and  gave me a lot of options on how to further personalize the journals I was ordering. They were organized with the orders and realistic about delivery dates. They were more than pleasant and I really enjoyed ordering from them. 

I would like to go on and on but I would rather the pictures did the talking because the journals I received were amazing. They were crafted beautifully and skillfully. So here are a few photos and deets at the bottom. 🙂 Post is short because I have exams and Maximus is dying on me. 🙂 

Oyeah, I was wrapping them when someone asked me if I got them abroad and when I said they’re made in the Philippines the lady was shocked and asked me where she could get them so I wrote it down for her. It’s nice when people appreciate local crafts. 


















Size: 7.5 x 5.5 inches
Cover: genuine leather (tan and/or dark brown)
Binding: long stitch, handbound, 100% non-adhesive, journal can be opened flat at 360 degrees w/out
damaging the spine
Paper: acid-free blank ivory paper w/ distressed edges
No. of pages: 240 back-to-back

They also sell smaller journals, leather accessories and 2013 planners which are new releases. 🙂






  1. Hello! I was looking for deets of the pages of an Alunsina journals/planners? I happen to stumble upon your blog. I was wodering if you have shots of the pages? All their photos only showcase the exterior. Ang arte ko notebooks e. Mas importante pa sakin inside. Like the material of the paper, design ng pages, line height, etc. Masyado pang malayo bazaars nila from where I live.

    • Hi aia. Im sorry I just got back to you. 😦 I had a lot of things to attend to. It’s such a shame though, had I known there would be people interested I would have responded much much sooner. 🙂

      Well, I think you can check my tumblr, I have photos or a photo of the page there.

      but to give a brief description, the pages a thick-ish and acid-free meaning what you put in will stand the test of time. they are coarse edged and have no lines. 🙂 All the pages are blank except the first, which has like an embossed seal of alunsina and the back with a picture of an owl and deets to the site and contact info.

    • i have to agree but then, these are really unique gift ideas, especially for people who prefer to write or those with the artistic or dramatic flair. :)they also have planners which are beautiful. 🙂

    • computer. true. but a lot of people also enjoy writing things down. I may keep a schedule on my phone but I always find myself writing things down on my planner. or writing random scribbles on my journal. 🙂 Something special happens when pen meets paper. 🙂

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