Doctors Treating Patients

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

A new study says that doctors tend to be kinder to thinner patients compared to overweight patients. Does that make any sense? What have your experiences been like? Check out the article and let us know on our Facebook page.

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4 responses to “Doctors Treating Patients

      • Yeah, I guess that too.
        You’re sick because you’re obese. You’re thin because you’re sick. Something like that?

        Thinner patients do look more fragile though. The thing with the obese is that they can put up a healthy facade by being in a happy disposition. Thinner patients on the other hand would still look sickly when compared.
        Weight loss is also a more common sign of disease right? More than weight gain that is.

      • Yea. I guess something like that. it goes to show, how much of an impact first impressions are, especially when meeting a patient for the first time.
        I guess, it might even be a subconscious thing for some doctors when they make the differentiation and act accordingly.
        Yeah, that too. Weight loos is a more common sign of a condition, considering you weren’t that weight before.
        Plus being overweight does show a disregard for health

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