Strangle. Choke. Hold.


her eyes

are the color

of faraway love,

that drip

like the honey of



the sadness

of summers past

and memories exhausted,

of all things lost and forgotten


she whispers words,

to herself and to her shadow

that slither and skid

escaping her minds’




they could bridge







the distance resonates

through the hollows

of her bones


the slickness of her veins


her heart,

it beats,

it throbs,

a pulsating mass of longing

filled with

desire left wanting,

mixed with the

plasma of secrets

left to fall

unto deaf ears.



7 responses to “Strangle. Choke. Hold.

    • haha. thanks rhea. trust you to be super observant. 🙂 the funny thing is, i didnt notice until you brought it up! 🙂 haha. you really are artsy, thanks for the comment! 🙂

  1. This is great! I love the movement of the poem both in words and the way it’s written. It’s been ages since I last wrote one! I need inspiration 😀

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