16 Things You Should Stop Doing To Yourself

Thought Catalog

1. Punishing yourself every time you deviate from a diet. As a smart man on my Twitter feed once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Seriously, skinny feels are fucking delicious.” Have a sense of humor about getting down like Roseanne Barr on a food bender and do better tomorrow.

2. Dwelling on the past. Nothing is ever actually as good or bad as you remember it being. Come back to the future, Marty McFly. We have hi-speed internet here.

3. Hate-reading. Life is short. Read things you actually enjoy.

4. Stalking your ex’s Facebook profile. He will never appear as sad and desperate as he feels inside, K? Besides, this is a waste of your insanity. Go make a painting or cut your ear off. Hell, do both — that’ll show him what he’s missing out on!

5. Making plans you have no intention of keeping. Just…

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