The 5 Important Milestones In Every Relationship

I think a lot of this is applicable for both Elmer and I. Especially the first two. the “Beb, I fart” is actually really funny, but we never had false pretenses about each other, but we did make extra efforts. Now we both go out looking like bums but feeling great. haha.

Thought Catalog

1. “Beb, I fart”

In the beginning of every relationship, you essentially try to be the best version of yourself. You pretend you dress to the nines every single day (“Oh, this little number? I just threw it together in five….hours”), do fun-filled activities, and never fart, burp, poop or experience any other human action that could be perceived as gross. Ugh, it’s so exhausting and one day you will just let the facade slip. One day you will show up to your significant other’s house in a terrible outfit looking like crap and farting all over the place. The day you let your BF/GF see you in an unattractive state is a crucial milestone because it’s basically saying, “Hi! i’m comfortable enough to show you that I’m not a flawless gem. I can look awesome and cute and do all of these great things you will enjoy, but I…

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