INFERNO – Circle XI: Coccytus 

hi. my name is trish.

*i am a second year medicine student. i sleep a total of 2 hours everyday and am in a love-hate relationship with my bed. i have a deviated sense of humor and suffer from serious caffeine dependence.

*i am a complicated series of almost interactions. i blur at the edges.

*i speak in non-sequiturs. i suffer from moments of madness, chronic sarcasm and diarrhea of the mouth with occasional word vomit.

*i believe in 11:11 wishes and that we all exist like candle flames in the dark. i believe in parallel universes and that somewhere out there, someone exactly like me exists.

*i believe in magic and miracles.

OCD. poet. writer. bibliophile. explorer. wanderer. overlord of the universe. future neurosurgeon


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