Copycats and Gibberish

Don’t you just hate it when you write something original and find out that someone copied it off you? Don’t you hate it even more when the person who copied off you is someone you absolutely abhor and who totally ravaged what you wrote and made it something not unlike week-old garbage?
Well, thanks to one of my friends, I saw a screen shot of the blog of this girl who I know rather well because of a common integer and discussions that leave an acrid taste in my mouth.
Although the link to her blog is something my friend refuses to reveal knowing I’d go apeshit on the aforementioned girls ass, I did however see her description of herself and what I found totally funny was how she patterned her description after mine. More specifically, how she used a phrase that I use in all my descriptions of myself, something I had written when I was in 2nd year in my journal and found too pretty to pass up for my blogs, and inevitably, Facebook.
It might seem petty to get all riled up over something like this, but consider the annoyance produced when you find out someone is using your brainchild as their own. and top it all of with someone you despise and voila.
Being a writer, any form of plagiarism done to my work pisses me off. be it quoting a phrase, or using a word I made up, or copying an idea pisses me off.
I mean, aren’t you the least bit ashamed of yourself when you’re translating into a cheap rip-off of my work?
You brag about reading, you brag about being smart, why not apply that and stop leeching of the works of others for a change.

So yeah. It might be late and this might be a garbled mess of nonsense and non-sequiturs

but hey, after all
fuck you, I have screenshots.