Bear’s First Swim

I’m leaving for Cebu again in 2 days and there was so much left on Elmer’s to-do list that was left unchecked, so we decided to crash through them and prioritize whatever we felt should be done. Today, we took Bear to the beach for the first time. We have always made it a point to take our dogs, when they’re around 3-4 months, to the beach because apparently, not all dogs can swim.

“When it comes to swimming, canines generally fall into one of three categories. There are those that can swim, those that can be taught to swim and those that should steer clear of all aqueous environments.

Some dogs may have the physical capacity to swim, but have a mortal fear of the water nonetheless. These animals tend to panic when submerged. For a dog in water, panic quickly leads to fatigue, which makes drowning much more likely.-Animal Planet

90, being my first dog, was taken to the beach at 3 months. I felt it might have been to early for her since the first time we took her, she didn’t take to the water too well and ended up splashing around near the shore. The second time we took her, she seemed more excited to see the water and began fetching her ball whenever we threw it into the water. She would swim by herself all the way to the deep end ’til she became a tiny black speck in the horizon, before she began to swim back to us on the shore.

Vodka, we took to the beach along with 90. He was around 3 months when we took him and 90 was a year old. 90 loves the water so she swam ahead of him and he followed. Clearly, he did not enjoy swimming but he just had to be near her so he swam next to her, but he would panic and climb onto us whenever he was in the deeper areas. Vodka isn’t the best swimmer but he can manage himself in the water and he knows when to go back to the shore.

Bear, being a golden retriever, should be most comfortable in the water.

He was scared of the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and he didn’t want to get in at first. Elmer had to coax him into the water but he’d pull back every time he heard the waves, which is why we decided to keep his leash on.


He would test the water a bit and then back away into the shore. Elmer decided to carry him into the deeper part so he can paddle a bit and get the feel of being surrounded by water. After a few minutes, he got the hang of it and was swimming back and forth. I had no plans of swimming which is why when I packed, I didn’t include extra clothes. I was in denim shorts and a decent top and I ended up swimming with Elmer and Bear. I have to say, I had a lot of fun. I did not expect to go home wet, sandy and salty but it was great.






This is easily my favorite photo of Bear at the beach. He kept making huge splashes, and I was glad to be able to get this shot. 🙂




Bear is quickly becoming such a big boy. At home, he gets carried all the time because he’s the baby and he loves that. He just stays in your arms quietly while you rock him back and forth and sing a nursery rhyme. That was when he was around 3 months and he weighed around 9.8 kgs (but that was the start of his 12th week, when he was around 12 weeks and a half he turned 10.4 kgs), now that he’s 4 and a half months old, he weighs around18-19 kgs and is difficult to carry. Looking at the photo below, he looks really big. 🙂 I love the color of his coat and I hope he gets to be as big or bigger than his dad. 🙂


Bear wouldn’t go after his ball but then when he finally did, he didn’t want to let go.




He fell asleep on our way home but we woke him up to give him a bath since today is Friday which means bathday for all the dogs.

I think I really am inclined to using Sergeant’s Gold over the Sergeant’s Skip-Flea and Tick Oatmeal shampoo. It smells better and is less flaky. I was planning on doing a review on the shampoo but then I didn’t want to eat up the little time I have left at home doing a review on dog shampoo. 🙂


I do, however, plan on doing a review on several treats I have tried with all my dogs. That should be interesting and quite lengthy considering all the treats we’ve tried, tested and given to all our dogs, I thought it would be a good guide since a lot of people ask me about treats.

I don’t really know how to end this post so I think I’ll just stop writing and go cuddle with Bear and Vodka.